What can I say about this blog? It is opinion and commentary, my own. I have been following the political ups and downs since the Carter administration.

When I turned 18 I registered to vote. I didn’t know enough about partisan politics at that time to determine whether I was a Democrat or a Republican, so I registered unaffiliated.

Many times I have felt fortunate NOT to be a part of either party. But as long as I am a registered voter, I will voice my opinion. Thankfully, WordPress has allowed me this platform.

This blog will be about whatever comes to my mind and then leaks out onto my keyboard.

I started with a graphic of a cat walking away because I thought it was funny when I saw a similar graphic on the wall at the animal hospital. Then I thought, the written word is referred to as literature, and cats dump their unmentionables in litter, and since my initials are C. A. T., I came to rest on Cat’s Litter (because Cats Scat has other connotations.)

Please check back often to see what is new.


Cheryl Thurston, lives in North Carolina, is an author and graphic designer whose work has been purchased by Perdue College and featured in the N.C. Zoological Society’s public awareness project in 2010.